Blanket Donation : Be a Hero This Winter for the Homeless, Hurry Now

The winter season is upon us and it’s time to do what we can, to make sure those who are homeless don’t freeze this winter. It is a tough time with the cold and wind, survival becomes harsh for those who are needy or homeless with no place to live as temperatures drop drastically during this phenomenon which affects most people in unimaginable ways we cannot fathom at home comforts. We at plan care foundation are making sure that the poorest of Delhi have what they need this season by providing warm blankets though our blanket donation campaign in slums or underdeveloped areas near ncr where temperatures can get harsh even during a milder spell!

Blanket Donation

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Will provide blankets along with sleeping bags to 3 homeless person

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The Condition of Delhi NCR winters have become increasingly harsh

More than 1,000 people sleep on the street every night in Delhi NCR without any coverings to protect them from cold. They are wrapped only in jackets and mufflers which make it difficult for these individuals not even have access to basic necessities like thick blankets or clothing that would keep their bodies warm at night time when temperatures can dip below freezing point. Our volunteers had an opportunity encounter with many such beggars while walking through different parts of India’s capital city where they saw some sleeping under bridge overpasses next train tracks near bus stops – all places one might expect traffic but instead found dozens more shivering outside.

Blanket Donation Campaign

Blanket Donation in Slum Areas

At “Plan care foundation, Our non-profit organization named knows very well about this crisis situation which kills hundreds every day – including young children, women and old person living alone on streets just because there was nothing. Every year blanket donation campaign is included in wish list of NGO . Plan Care Foundation takes up the challenge during harsh winters. Through our blanket distribution campaign, we set up tents in major cities across nation which give out blankets which provides high quality warm .so everyone can stay safe from frostbite or hypothermia when temperatures dip below freezing point for days on end!

The comforts of our living rooms and sofas is a blissful ignorance to the pain of homeless people, we fail to realize how many people are out there with no resources or shelter. We all have our days when we think about the winter and want to be warm. But what if you don’t? It can really put a lot people in tough spots, especially those who are homeless or impoverished – how will they survive without any money for food throughout cold months of year? It’s the question we should be asking ourselves every day when we see a homelessness people shivering in harsh winter.


Plan Care foundation, among the best NGO in Delhi gives you a chance this year to come out of your comfort zones and for once think about all those people who need or deserve basic winter survival It’s an opportunity to become a Hero This Winter for the Homeless. It’s an empowering feeling being able help them in their hour of need! As fellow humans, it is our duty to look out for one another and help when they are in need. As fellow humans, it is our duty to look out for one another and help when they are in need. This has been a truism at Plan Care Foundation where we do just that through our blanket distribution drive.

Blanket Distribution

Every winter, our organization Plan Care Foundation runs a donation campaign to help the poor people living on Delhi NCR’s streets survive. We provide high quality warm blankets along with dry ration as well as dignity in an effort for them not feel forgotten or alone during these cold months

It is important because most don’t have what it takes themselves so they need support too.

The winter season is a time when people are at risk for homelessness. In India, Lakhs experience the bitterness of living without warm clothing and other necessary items such as blankets to keep them alive during harsh winters because they cannot afford it themselves or have no access to these things due their economic situation in society which leaves many vulnerable especially children . This winter we can help by donating blankets along with dry ration and dignity kits to the needy which will not only make our lives meaningful but save others too!

Plan care foundation one of the best blanket donation NGO in Delhi Ncr working relentlessly at grassroot level because we not only ensure your support is used at the right place, but also encourage you to go out and lend a helping hand. A part of our mission at Plan Care is that its supporters receives updates on our campaigns as well as first-hand knowledge about where their money goes in order for them feel more connected with us and what happens within those projects, it’s important when thinking about long term success rates or retention rates if people don’t know how/where exactly funds will be spent by any given charity.

Be part of our mission and vision for there is no better joy than helping others in need. Our goal this year is to reach out to 1000 families, so please donate now! We are humbly asking everyone who shares the same values as us to come forward. No act of kindness is ever too small or insignificant for it all adds up at the end. With you by our side we know that even more people will be saved from freezing cold season, so help us save lives today! Everyone deserves a warm blankets on these chilly nights during winters; which is why a donation campaign has been started where one can easily donate their used but still usable warm clothes and blankets to the needy.

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Some common queries about our blanket donation 2022

This winter is looking cold. Wouldn’t you rather be in your nice warm home, tucked up in bed?

For homeless an underprivileged people living on the streets, it might not be an option. They suffer through the bitterness of winter and icy cold nights with no way to keep themselves warm. So why not give them ? Especially when they’re in need of one- Its well worth it! You could wrap yourself in an electric blanket or bundle up with all kinds of clothes to stay cozy, but these people have nothing at all- well,

Blanket Donation is an easy way to help the homeless get through the cold winter months. Homeless people are more likely to die, on average, in January than any other month of the year – so if you’d like to improve this statistic, then there is no better way than donating a blanket .

The compassionate volunteer at plan care foundation are just the type of heroes that can help you at ! Warming people up is what we do best. We encourage our donors to donate warm clothes through our blanket distribution program(new or old in good condition) of all age groups, so that those who are less fortunate can continue their lives comfortably

There are many underprivileged living in the street whom we can reach out to , who need warm bedding this time of year to survive, so please consider donating today before winter comes around completely.

We are covering Delhi ncr and other parts of Mumbai, Bangalore and West Bengal during this winter for the needy and poor people living in the open through our blanket donation campaign.

Of course you can ,Order a blanket from any ecommerce company and mention that you want it delivered to our doorstep. our delivery address is plan care foundation, F-37 Milap nagar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059

Yes we do accept that , all you have to do is pack it up in a box and courier it to us at plan care foundation, F-37 Milap nagar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059 .

we are a section 8 registered non profit in India , we maintain our accounts with full transparency by doing regulars audits .We also post pictures, videos and share them on all social media platforms including Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. You can also receive updates through email .

Financial donations to Plan care foundation are exempted u/s 80G of Income Tax.

A good quality costs between INR 400.00-600.00. We purchase in bulk directly from the manufacturers, so on average you can find a high quality warm blanket for this price!