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English Speaking Program


Language is essentially a means of communication among the members of a society. In the expression of culture, language is a fundamental aspect. It is the tool that conveys traditions and values related to group identity and Spoken English has become essential for each one whether remain to be a salary holder or Entrepreneur .Therefore many volunteer, faculty from MNCs / Govt Organization got associated with CIWT team to add the essence of spoken English and touch up of body language. More than 1000 girls, boys and middle aged became learner and now ahead in their life.

Now a days, English has become primary, universal language of conversation for jobs in all industries. A certain confidence to converse in English is instrumental in climbing the professional ladder in today’s global world, at our center we provide free English classes so that these students could get a better job and lead a better life.

Our English speaking module does tailor-made modifications as per the children’s requirement

In this project, we provided Basic English training to kids and adults from the local slums to equip them with much needed skills to survive the present world. We also arranged classes by volunteers, for the children belonging to the families with limited means and who lack the proper language education in the schools. The aim of the program is to develop verbal English skills among the children & youth. This is to prepare them for their professional life, In other words, this program makes the underprivileged girls employable by teaching those Basic English skills.

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