The Convocation Ceremony was a momentous occasion as it marked the success of our students who had overcome all odds to realize their dreams. The event included a Fashion Show featuring our student’s creations, along with other Cultural Programs that celebrated the resilience and diversity within our community. We had the honor of inviting the local MLA and Counsellor to preside over the Certificate Distribution, during which they awarded each student with a certificate of recognition and appreciation. The event served as an inspiration to all home makers, widows and young girls in attendance and demonstrated that no matter what their circumstances may be, anything is achievable with hard work and dedication. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and joy as the students walked down the ramp wearing their creations, made from recycled fabrics and old clothes. It was an honor to witness our student’s handwork and creativity come alive on the stage and we thank them for their dedication to the cause. We are proud of our students for having achieved this milestone and are grateful to our distinguished guests for their presence. For Plan Care, it has been a privilege to support these young minds and provide them with the opportunity to explore their potentials.

Its our hope that this event will help bring positive change in our community and encourage more people to take control of their future.