Plan care foundation is a registered non profit oranisation in india under Section-8 of comapanies act 2013.All donation to Plan Care Foundation are exempted u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

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Sewing Training


As we know that Women of our country are the worst affected by the unemployment and poverty.  The Indian society is such that they have to depend on men for every small aspect of life as they do not earn themselves. Although it is a monumental undertaking, but Women Empowerment can be achieved through Self-reliance and Financial Independence, which in turn can only be affected through various Vocational training. Through Job specific training, the Women will have the choice to either take-up a job or start some venture of their own.

We have established various Sewing Training Centers where the focus is to inculcate confidence and independent mindset with job ready skills. Starting with basic tailoring skills, which enable our members to work from if they want so, and continue in their traditional role as a homemaker and also provide for their family by earning. With these sewing courses, the participating women can immediately and right from the comfort of their homes as and when they complete the training. We train the women who enroll and show interest embroidery, designing, stitching and tailoring. The centers act as a sanctuary for these women who were not given any opportunity before and with the camaraderie amongst themselves from a family that assist and inspire each other.

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