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Girls drop out school before 8th grade


Of India’s population cannot read or write

268 Million

Illiterate in India

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Plan care foundation aims to build a sustainable world by providing people with every possible resource and opportunity and lead them towards a better life. Our foundation believes that with the appropriate support, every individual can strive harder to discover his/her potential and to further channel it in the right direction to achieve success.


We at Plan care foundation commit ourselves –

To identify such talents and extend our help to every strata of the society, be it the economically and socially deprived, the mentally and physically challenged, women, children or any other communities. We hope to lay down a path towards a better society with our resources because we genuinely believe everyone deserves a chance.

We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

“Every single person has the power to change the world and help people.”





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How it all Started

“Necessity is the mother of invention” so until we fall, we do not learn to dust our self off and try it again. So, our story had its seed planted in our childhood itself. Coming from a middle-class family, and being girl, I noticed the disparity between male and female early on. Not that we have not seen progress, but the wind of change is blowing slow in our country. It needs a nudge to pick up pace so that the blue-collared and those living in the margins of society can have a fighting chance.

I have been working at various companies and positions, but that yearning to start my own venture has been there always, so that I can realise my dream of being an entrepreneur and provide a platform for others to grow too.

But was not meant to be easy, especially for a female. While I worked with Many Corporates, I had chance to see first hand the widening gap between the various strata of the society. The highest 1% is getting richer, and the remaining 99% is fighting for a foothold at the door to financial stability and the peace of mind that brings with it.

Coming from a not well-to-do family myself, I understand the how much a small gesture can mean at the time of need. The drive to start Plan Care was nothing but the zeal to help and to spread a little hope, any and every we could.

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