It’ll take each one of us to create lasting change

We believe that corporate partnerships are not only a way to help brands meet their CSR objectives, but also create sustainable impact and development for India’s marginalized communities.

Ways to Partner with us

We help companies create socially responsible CSR models.We have a wide range of partnership options for you to choose from; all of which are customizable to meet your CSR goals.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Adopt a Project

If you join a project, you can choose to support an entire project or just a portion of it, depending on its focus area-such as Education, Health, Institutional Care, Vocational Training, Differently Abled, Vocational Training-or its work-girl child education (including remedial and non-remedial classes), reproductive health, SHG, micro-financing, institutional care, and community health. Our work extends across issues and geographies and therefore you have the flexibility to pick what is important to you.

Women Rights




Corporate Donations

You can make a lump sum donation towards a specific cause that your company would like to support. From education, women empowernet health projects and skill development to malnutrition, healthcare and gender inequality – you have a wide array of causes to choose from since plan care works on all areas of marginalised communities. Your donation would be directed towards PLAN CARES”S programs which address your preferred cause.

Brand Building

Cause Related Marketing

When you integrate your marketing efforts with a cause, you not only help create social impact but also build incredible goodwill for your brand. Partnering with PLAN CARE for a cause-related marketing campaign will help you drive purchase behaviour and meet your business objectives – all the while contributing to a really good cause!

Donation Boxes

You can enable PLAN CARE to place physical/digital donation boxes at your office premises or retail outlets to help your employees/customers contribute to the cause. These will be co-branded and thus reflect your association with the cause.

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Employee Engagement

Payroll Giving

Your CSR initiative can be a great way to get the staff involved too. PLAN CARE’S Payroll Donation Scheme gives workers an effective way to feel linked to the social cause that the organisation has taken on. Employees should devote a certain amount of their monthly salaries to make a difference in society. This is an automated method once in place, which is less time-consuming. PLAN CARE can also opt to provide a matching grant to attract employees.

Corporate Volunteering

Allow your staff the ability to make positive improvements by fundraising and skill-based volunteering in the lives of marginalized communities. We work in the fields of Education (Formal / Non-Formal / Remedial), Women’s Empowerment (Reproductive Health, SHG, and Micro-Finance), Social Treatment, Environmental Wellbeing, Vocational Training and Differently Abled. Employees may also select the causes they are passionate about, and support by providing payroll and volunteer time.