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Mission Girl Education

It is a national level program of Plan Care Foundation, an NGO for education in Delhi as well as other parts of India to empower and provide a platform for the betterment of every girl child. It focuses towards empowering underprivileged children who are struggling in difficult circumstances, such as forced labour or living with the poorest of parents. Through its various programs and scholarships, it seeks to improve educational opportunities for girls and women in particular, with the belief that education is a key for allowing them and their families to escape poverty.

By creating awareness about the value of education, providing support to underprivileged children and helping them understand the importance of education. Mission Girl Education is helping to bring about genuine and sustainable change in India. we work towards creating a nation where every girl child has access to quality education and the opportunity to realize their full potential. Through its innovative initiatives, Plan Care Foundation promotes a gender-inclusive environment and encourages girls’ access, retention and rate of learning in order to help build a brighter future for them.

By supporting and investing in the education of girls, we are creating a better and more equal society. Together with its partners, Plan Care Foundation works towards providing quality educational opportunities to all children, regardless of their background or gender.


1 Out 4

Girls drop out school before 8th grade


India’s population cannot read or write

268 Million

illiterate in India

The problem of girl child education in India is a serious one. Girls are often seen as less important than boys, and their education is often neglected. This leads to many girls not receiving an education at all, which has a negative impact on both them and society as a whole.

There are many reasons for the problem of girl child education in India. One reason is the high level of gender discrimination that exists in India. Girls are often seen as second-class citizens, and their rights are not always respected. This means that they often have to fight harder than boys to get an education, and many girls simply don’t have the opportunity to go to school.

Another major obstacle for girls’ education in India is poverty. Many families cannot afford to send their daughters to school, especially when they need them to work at home or help with farming. Girls from poor families are also more likely to be married off at a young age, which interrupts their schooling.

However there are things that can be done to address it. The first step is to change the way that girls are viewed in Indian society. They need to be seen as equals to boys, and their rights need to be respected. This will not happen overnight, but it is essential if girls are going to receive the education they deserve.

School Supply Kit

School Infrastructure

Awareness Program

Scholarship Program

Our Activity

Plan Care Foundation is a Registered Ngo for girl child working in India to empower them through education. One of the main ways in which we do this is by running an admission drive in government schools for underprivileged children in India . Along with a supplies kit that includes a school bag, stationery and a pullover, we also provide a 12-month supply of branded sanitary napkins to help the girl attend school with dignity. we focus on development of school infrastructure and organize various awareness camps to sensitize and create a more conducive learning environment for children with a special emphasis on girl child.

school bag Distribution program

School Supplies Kit

“make a difference in the lives of rural children & Urban Slums, one bag at a time.”

The School Bag Donation and Distribution program initiated by the Plan Care Foundation is enabling children in rural India and urban slum to access basic study materials and kits for their educational needs. Despite many challenges faced by these students, such as having to travel long distances in harsh weather conditions or carrying books without bags, this initiative is providing them with much-needed support.

The program is providing children from economically weaker sections of the society with aid in the form of schoolbags. These bags give them a sense of pride as they are able to bring their books to school in an organized manner, which in turn ensures that they have all the necessary materials for studies. Apart from being able to carry their books and stationery safely, these bags are also waterproof, which makes them perfect for rainy days when travelling to school.

By providing schoolbags with all the necessary materials like books and stationery, it is making a difference in the lives of rural children. Through this initiative, Plan Care Foundation is providing students with a sense of pride and empowerment that will lead them to success.

Activities at Govermnet school

At Plan Care we work tireless to raise awareness about the importance of yoga and tree planting amongst local government school students . Every events included an informative seminar explaining how practicing yoga has numerous health benefits and how planting trees can help reduce carbon emissions, save energy, and protect the environment.

Education Gallery 8

Yoga Session At School

Tree Plantation at school

Tree Plantation Drive

Painter painting school wall with plan care

School Infrastructure Development

Plan Care Foundation is one of the top NGO’s in India, working towards improving the infrastructure and capacity building for Government schools all over the country. This includes providing notice boards, pin boards and desks in classrooms as well as planning for creating Smart Classes equipped with scientific instruments which are usually only seen in private schools.

we have undertaken a revolutionary project of refurbishing the school premises by painting its walls and ceilings with motivational quotes, inspirational thoughts and figures of prominent women achievers from society. This initiative was taken to create an environment of learning and equal opportunities regardless of economic background which will bring them at par with the private counterparts.  The tiny tots were awestruck and overjoyed by the new version of their school, as it had been transformed into a modern centre of learning and knowledge.

Our Impact

The wellbeing and development of children is something that should always be a priority. We need to ensure that the children have the resources and guidance they need in order to reach their fullest potential. By providing the right opportunities and support, we can help them grow into competent individuals who are aware of their capabilities and have a strong sense of confidence. We want to be a part of their development journey from early stages through later years, and we work with stakeholders such as teachers, government bodies parents/caregivers-to bring about sustainable change keeping in mind academic interests as well emotional needs while also considering physical growth & wellbeing. We strongly believe that a thriving and successful future lies in the hands of those who are young today, and we want to be part of their journey by laying the groundwork for a brighter future for our children.

More Than 2000 Children Outreached

More Than 50 Classroom Beautified

More Than 500 School Supply kit distributed

More Than 5000 parents sensitize through events

Admission Drive in school

Admission Drives in Government School Through Awareness Campaign

Plan Care is also helping to spread the importance of education in the lower strata of society by conducting admission drives and awareness rallies near schools as well as carrying out door-to-door campaigns. Surveys are taken to understand why there is low participation in school admissions and then parents are convinced to send their children to school.

In addition, Plan Care is also focused on female hygiene. To educate local women and girls about the importance of good sanitary practices, medical professionals and speakers were invited to attend health camps organized by Plan Care and 1000s of free sanitary pads were distributed.

Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

For children growing up in poverty, one of the biggest obstacles they face is being financial handicapped. Their parents often can’t afford to send them to school, and instead prefer to have them stay at home and help out or take them to work. As a result, these children miss out on vital educations that could help them break the cycle of poverty.

To correct this anomaly,we provide financial aid and scholarships to bright students who want to study but need some motivation and support. This extra push can make all the difference for these young people, opening up new opportunities and helping them to reach their full potential.

Inspiring STORIES From Ground

This is the inspiring story of Ankita, who met one of our volunteer during a survey. She wanted to become a teacher when she grows up, but circumstances were not in her favour and she used to help her mother take care of her younger brother in this nascent age, for her mother to work as a maid. Plan Care and our team met with her parents and tried to understand the root of the problem, which was social stigma about education and their mental block that they can never earn enough to support education for two children, making them choose their son to study, and Ankita being a girl was destined to marry and take care of her in-laws.
After through counselling and discussion with Ankita’s parents we convinced them to send her to the nearby girls school as we promised to support the family financially. Ankita was so happy! that she could go to school and study. Every day, when Ankita comes home from school, she is filled with new knowledge and dreams for the future. She is grateful to Plan Care foundation for giving her the opportunity to follow her dreams and make them a reality.

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