Plan care foundation is a registered non profit oranisation in india under Section-8 of comapanies act 2013.All donation to Plan Care Foundation are exempted u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

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Silai center

Sewing Training Center - Free Silai Center in New delhi

Skill Development Ngo - A Sustainable livelihood Path towards a Better Future

What is it like to be a woman? Women are often worst affected when it comes to unemployment and poverty.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has estimated that about 70% of India’s total female illiterate population is in the age group of 15 to 35. Lack of education and awareness among women add to the list of problems faced by them.In this regard, it can be said that India is still a patriarchal society where women are not given equal rights and opportunities as men.

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Plan Care’s mission is to ensure that women in India have the resources, skills, and support they need to live safe and empowered lives. To this end, we opened up a free Sewing Center in Delhi with the goal of eradicating financial dependency, societal restrictions, unsafe work environments and other issues that continue to hinder women even today. The center offers classes for anyone interested in learning how to sew. We provide all of the materials needed at no cost so that our students can focus on learning without worrying about affording supplies. The students who come to our center are often in difficult financial situations and cannot afford to buy new cloth or other materials needed to sew dresses.To address this issue, we designed our classes with sustainability in mind – without incurring additional costs to our students. We began using recycled fabrics that otherwise would have gone into landfills. Our goal at Plan Care is not only to provide opportunity but also promote sustainability by helping people learn how to reuse what already exists around us instead of creating more waste!   From the start, the goal was to provide sustainable employment opportunities for women in need and those without livelihood.The course material has been meticulously crafted to ensure that those benefiting gain necessary skills to do this. This of course includes training on modern machines like an Industrial Sewing Machine and a Fashion Maker Machine, as well as their upkeep and maintenance to guarantee they can become self-reliant. With nearly 150 students enrolled and undergoing regular training over four different shifts from 11 am to 4 pm, there’s something for everyone. As many of the participants are household women who join the morning session and college students pursuing studies in the afternoon, it illustrates how valuable this program is for empowering individuals. Our experienced instructors teach basic sewing techniques such as machine operation and fabric selection as well as more advanced design principles for those who are ready for a challenge. The learning environment at the sewing center is open and encouraging; we pride ourselves on creating a safe place for our students where they can grow their skills without fear of judgement or ridicule. We also strive to create an atmosphere that values hard work and dedication regardless of background or experience level. Our efforts have been met with great enthusiasm – since opening, the sewing center has become incredibly popular amongst local females looking for guidance on how best they can use their skillset to make a living wage. Allowing these women access to equipment such as industrial machines along with expert instruction has enabled them not only hone their craft but also build confidence in themselves which is essential when seeking out new job opportunities or launching small businesses independently! At Plan Care’s Sewing Center we believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of gender or socioeconomic status – which is why we remain committed providing an accessible environment where all people can learn valuable life-long skills while working towards greater economic independence along with improved safety standards within their communities!

Our Journey

Sewing Humble Begining


Our Humble Beginning

The humble beginnings of our sewing center saw us with only 10 underprivileged women, eager to learn basic and advanced techniques of sewing. Initially, all they had was a carpeted room where they would sit on the floor, but today we are proud to have an advanced center taking up to 100 students. It has all the necessary modern industrial standard sewing machines in place and provides an excellent opportunity for those looking to further their skills and even make a livelihood out of it. It is part of our mission to encourage entrepreneurship by skilling people and helping them realize their dreams.

Inauguration of New Advance sewing center with Capacity of 100 Seats

Our sewing center has undergone a massive transformation since its beginning.In the start, it was just a single room with 2-3 sewing machines, but now we’ve moved to a dedicated floor with multiple rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from Singer India as part of our partnership with them! We’ve also increased our capacity from 10 women to over 100, enrolling them in regular batchesThis expansion has opened up new opportunities and provided these women with a chance to hone their skills so they can be successful entrepreneurs in the future. Through this endeavor, we are playing an important role in helping these underpriviledged women of society build better lives for themselves.



Innaugration sewing center Plan care
Convocation Ceremony


Convocation of the First Batch

Grand convocation ceremony organised to honour and inspire the women who completed our sewing training course was an immense success. Not only did these inspiring women receive recognition for their achievements, but their accomplishments also served as a beacon of hope for other local women in the community. Prominent leaders such as the MLA and councilor were in attendance, lending encouragement and providing invaluable advice on how to best take advantage of our free training courses. Our free training course enabled these women to break free from poverty, an achievement which was highlighted by many guests. This was an important step in inspiring other members of the community to take advantage of this same opportunity that has been offered. The amazing success stories served as a testament to how much one can accomplish through dedication and perseverance regardless of their current situation.

Our Events

Sewing Machine Maintainence Training

Sewing machine maintenance training program

Fashion show organised in slums

Fashion show organized for sewing center students

Dress Making From Scrap Cloth

Modern dresses out of scrap and old fabric | sustainable fashion Practice