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Story of a cheerful girl

स्कूल चले हम

A cheerful girl Pooja was forced to drop out of school by her parents. But this young girl fought to achieve what was right for her. Her mother wasn’t well and her father works in a medical shop and earn only Rs 3500/- per month. More than half of the amount is drained out in the medical treatment of Pooja mother. And with what remains month’s expenditure become difficult, leaving the family in hand to mouth condition. With this situation educational expenditure of two children was very difficult.As she passed the 2nd grade, she was made to stop going to school. Her parents gave priority to only educating their son. And she was asked to do the household chores to support her ill mother. She always reasoned her father for that. But Pooja wish was not considered.
But she did not give up. She picked up books from her friends. And started studying at home along with domestic work. Her determination was spotted by our team. They counseled her parents on the importance of education for girl child also. The councilors advised her parents to enroll her in the School.
Pooja is in 5th standard now. She regularly attends her classes and even helps her mother in the household chores. Pooja and her parents are grateful to Child help foundation team for the opportunity that was given to her.