Simple ways to help children in need in India!

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Nearly 243 million Indian children and young adults in the age between 0-19 years live in extreme poverty as per World Poverty Clock in June 2020. Providing protection, good food, health, and education will save children from hunger and deprivation. Denying any one of these basic needs will make a needy child vulnerable to abuse, […]

A hawker journey in Covid-19 Pandemic

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For 32-year-old vimla residing in a slum area at the national capital ,the lockdown period meant zero business. she a ran an eating joint on a hawker cart — . everyday she would set out her hawker cart to their usual spot near the furniture market and sell Chole kulche . she earned about Rs […]

Empowering girls through education

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Vineeta* and khusbu* had to miss regular classes for two months after they were transferred from their school to another that was far from their localities. The schools had to transfer the students because there were too many students, very few teachers and not enough infrastructure to support the students. Consider this: khushbo’s class had […]