Our Projects

Dental Camp

Oral hygiene is an important part aspect of our overall health and taking good care of our teeth keeps us away from

Covid Awareness Carousel

The second wave of COVID pandemic in India has unleashed an unprecedented public health crisis caused due to the large-scale spread of

Health Camp

For improving the lives of people in Delhi slums and providing them free-of-cost medical care services Plan Care Foundation initiated its mobile

Optimized Legal Financial Awareness

The best tool to tackle the problems women of India face is knowledge and self-dependence. To free themselves from the clutches of

women empower banner 2

While being critical for the actual health of the Nation, Female Hygiene and Child Nutrition has never been given priority early on,

Women literacy carousel 1

Through our Edify Program, we are trying to make available the Knowledge and Knowhow that the Women in our country need. It

English Speaking

Language is essentially a means of communication among the members of a society. In the expression of culture, language is a fundamental

project 30

In today’s day and age importance of computer literacy is at par with any other form of literacy. The youth of the

Optimized Women Sewing

As we know that Women of our country are the worst affected by the unemployment and poverty.  The Indian society is such