Dental Camps

Dental Camp

Oral hygiene is an important part aspect of our overall health and taking good care of our teeth keeps us away from various diseases. It is especially important to teach children to take proper care of their oral hygiene and also conduct regular check up of their oral hygiene. Keeping in mind the same a […]

Awareness on Covid-19 And Sanitizer Distribution

Covid Awareness Carousel

The second wave of COVID pandemic in India has unleashed an unprecedented public health crisis caused due to the large-scale spread of COVID infection in all parts of the country. According to the news reports, the past few days have seen more than 300,000 cases and nearly 2500 covid related deaths in different parts of […]

Health Camp

Health Camp

For improving the lives of people in Delhi slums and providing them free-of-cost medical care services Plan Care Foundation initiated its mobile Health Camp programme, The programme was intended to deliver medical services at the doorsteps of the underprivileged sections of the society. Under the programme, specific lab tests are conducted whenever required so that […]

Financial & Legal Awareness

Optimized Legal Financial Awareness

The best tool to tackle the problems women of India face is knowledge and self-dependence. To free themselves from the clutches of backwardness, it is important for the women to attain financial independence as well as the knowledge of the whole gamut of ways to achieve that. We arrange workshops and camps to inform of […]

Female Hygiene & Nutrition

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While being critical for the actual health of the Nation, Female Hygiene and Child Nutrition has never been given priority early on, but now we are at a junction where the citizen specially women have started to recognise the importance.  It is time for a more focused effort to educate about the former and eradicate […]

Women Literacy

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Through our Edify Program, we are trying to make available the Knowledge and Knowhow that the Women in our country need. It is our Core belief that it is only Knowledge what can help us all break the shackles that are holding us from achieving our true potential. While we start at the nascent stage […]

English Speaking Program

English Speaking

Language is essentially a means of communication among the members of a society. In the expression of culture, language is a fundamental aspect. It is the tool that conveys traditions and values related to group identity and Spoken English has become essential for each one whether remain to be a salary holder or Entrepreneur .Therefore […]

Computer Training

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In today’s day and age importance of computer literacy is at par with any other form of literacy. The youth of the country face two-pronged problem, first is illiteracy and second is computer illiteracy which is very stark in present times, as even the educated face problems to acquire a decent job without the computer […]

Sewing Training

Optimized Women Sewing

As we know that Women of our country are the worst affected by the unemployment and poverty.  The Indian society is such that they have to depend on men for every small aspect of life as they do not earn themselves. Although it is a monumental undertaking, but Women Empowerment can be achieved through Self-reliance […]

Non Formal Education & Tution Center

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Plan Care mission of education is a national level program, its an NGO for education. which is committed to providing basic education to underprivileged children. Educating a child in a private school is approximately nine times the cost of a government school, including all indirect costs associated with schooling, such as books and transport. Private […]